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RV Insurance

from Veritas Insurance Group

Protection on the Go

Your Recreational Vehicle is your home away from home. When you are traveling in your RV, you do not want to worry about accidents on the road or at your campsite. At Veritas Insurance Group we specialize in covering your recreational vehicles! Our RV policies can cover your travel trailer, motorhome, fifth wheel, camping trailer, toy hauler or horse trailer with living quarters. Our agents are available nationwide - your personalized agent is available to you whenever you need them.

What do you need to cover your RV?

Whether your RV is your full-time residence or your recreational getaway, we will structure the right policy to protect you throughout the year. You can relax and discover a new favorite town, knowing you’re properly protected from the unexpected.

You have choices when it comes to protecting your RV in the event of a total loss:

Total Loss Replacement: provides the highest level of protection. This coverage is available at any time, as long as you are the original owner of the RV. Your RV will be replaced, up to the first five model years, with a new RV of the same (or most similar available) make and model – even if your RV model is more expensive at the time of loss than it was when you purchased. After five model years, your policy will cover your full purchase price, minus your deductible.

Agreed Value: if you’re not the original owner of your RV, Agreed Value coverage is an excellent choice. If you experience a total loss at any time, this policy will cover the full purchase price of the unit, minus your deductible.

Actual Cash Value (ACV): this type of coverage will pay the actual depreciated value of the RV at the time of total loss, minus your deductible. ACV is the least expensive type of coverage. If your RV is financed, ACV coverage coordinates well if you’ve purchased GAP protection from your dealer or finance company. GAP protection ensures that your loan balance is paid in the event it exceeds the value of the RV at the time of loss.

What ‘s different about a motorized RV?

If you’re towing your RV, the liability coverage from your auto policy will extend to the towed unit. However, if your RV is motorized, you’ll need to have liability coverage specific to the unit.

Liability Coverage protects against bodily injury as well as property damage that you may cause with your recreational vehicle. We can help you select the level of protection that best meets your needs and budget. You can also select a policy that covers uninsured, or underinsured drivers, in the event someone else is liable to you, and carries insufficient or no insurance.

Consider the following details when selecting a policy with Veritas Insurance:

Personal Effects Replacement covers the personal items within your RV such as cameras, phones, clothing and camping gear.

Roadside Assistance provides 24-hour protection to get you back on the road or to the nearest qualified repair facility. This coverage extends to the tow vehicle for towable RVs, as well as vehicles or trailers that are being towed by a motorized RV.

Emergency Vacation Expense provides coverage for lodging and transportation expenses in the event your RV becomes inoperable due to a covered loss and you are more than 50 miles from home.

Vacation Liability coverage protects you while you are enjoying your time at your destination. No matter where you stop, once you have settled on your location, this coverage protects you when using your RV as your temporary vacation residence.

Full-timers Liability coverage protects you when your RV is also your primary residence. Think of it as your “homeowners policy on the road”.

Disappearing Deductibles provides a reduction in your deductible for each claim-free renewal. You can achieve a zero-dollar deductible in a few as four renewals!

Let us help you pick your options.

There are many options to consider before selecting the right RV insurance for you and your recreational vehicle. Let an experienced Veritas Insurance Group agent assist you in choosing the right coverage for you. Our dedicated agents will find the policy that best meets your needs within your budget. Contact us today.